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So What Are We Doing Here in Psych-it?

In the Psych-it project, we present you with self-awareness questionnaires, surveys covering a range of issues, and scientific research mostly stemming from the fields of Psychology, Sociology and allied fields. Psych-it also provides a platform to present you with genuine research conducted by researchers from across Australia. You are invited to respond to surveys and questionnaires and to take part in scientific research which you find interesting.

So, What's in it For Me?

Once you complete a self-awareness test you will receive individualised feedback about yourself and how your results compare to those in the Australian society at large. Not only will you be gaining self-awareness, psychological insight, and access to the latest Australian attitudes and values, you will also be CONTRIBUTING to important research conducted by researchers from Australian universities. As for self-awareness, we believe that the benefit from our individualised feedback is valuable and promotes psychological insight.

Why Would I Want to Increase my Self-Awareness Anyway?

Self-awareness is important for many reasons. Enhancing our self-awareness means that we are better able to capitalise on our strengths and manage our weaknesses. In turn, we may develop better skills in regulating our behaviour and hence, more successful in interacting with our environment.

I'm Curious... What do I Do Now?

To become a member of psych-it, you first need to fill out our short registration form. Then, you will be immediately able to participate in scientific research or respond to self-awareness questionnaires. Good idea though to keep reading this FAQ page- that way you can find out how you can use Psych-it to your own advantage.

Great! So, I Can Diagnose Myself Using the Questionnaires on the Website?

No you can't. The questionnaires available on Psych-it can be used for increasing your self-awareness, and to provide general guidance. Psychological diagnoses, as well as interventions, can be provided only by a qualified professional in the context of provision of professional services. Psych-it discourages subscribers from misuse of any feedback on the website, and will not be liable for any such misuse. Refer to our terms and conditions for more information.
However, it may be the case that, following the completion of a questionnaire, you may have an interest in contacting a mental health service provider. Mental health service providers can be found in various sources, including in the Australian Psychological Society website.

Who Has Access to My Responses?

No one has. Ensuring your privacy and anonymity is one of the core values of Psych-it. The collected data is analysed and presented at a group-level - individuals cannot be independently identified. This means that results would be presented in the following format: For example: "Men over 30 tend to..." and you may be part of this sample. View our terms and conditions for more information.

What is This 'Point System' All About?

The point system awards you points for filling out questionnaires in which we have a particular interest at a particular point in time (for instance, opinion surveys or scientific research). On the other hand, to gain access to some questionnaires, you will need to make sure you have enough points.

How Many Points Do We Need to Accumulate to Participate?

The point system is displayed in the following table

Why Do You Claim that by Responding to Questionnaires I Will Know Myself and Understand Society Better?

One of the ways in which people learn about themselves is by comparing themselves to others. Psych-it will provide you with individualised feedback about your values, attitudes and beliefs in reference to the Australian population. In addition, you will be exposed to the ways in which different cultural groups see these same issues.

Why Do You Claim that by Responding to Questionnaires I Will Be Contributing to Research in Psychology and Related Fields?

Psych-it aims to provide a stage for Australian researchers, and will therefore include current studies conducted by Australian researchers. At present, most university research is based on data collected from groups of undergraduate students. One of the main drawbacks of this approach is that the resulting findings are not representative of the Australian population... On the other hand, there are many people in our society that are very interested in helping and promoting scientific studies and are also very keen on having access to the results of groundbreaking research. This is precisely the goal of Psych-it - to promote a fruitful and mutually-beneficial meeting point between the Australian public and the scientific community.

Can I Respond to a Questionnaire More Than Once?

Technically, yes- in practice no. That is, you may be able to "trick" the system and submit a questionnaire more than once. In practice, the data will be only used once though. As for self-awareness questionnaires- you are more than welcome to fill them out again 120 days after completing it for the first time.

Is the Data Presented in Psych-it Based on a Representative Sample ?

For some people, this is THE question. In fact, it is not a black and white situation but rather, a question of degree. Once again, it all depends on your level of involvement. For a sample to be representative of the Australian population, it is important to ensure that it is big enough and that as many sections of the population are included. One of the missions of Psych-it is to make sure everyone's voice is heard and a range of opinions included.

If I don't reside in Australia can I still participate?

Of course! While the Psych-it Project began with the aim of increasing the awareness of Australians, we are also conscious of the fact that people from all over the world are looking to participate and to receive objective feedback based on research in the field of psychology. We would only encourage members from across the globe to participate in the Psych-it Project and to that end we have provided you with the option of identifying your country of residence in the registration process. This way, once we have sufficient data per country, you will be able to compare your results to others in your country. You can help us reach the number of people we need before we can generate specific feedback for your countryfellows by sending the psych-it link to your friends and family.

Why Aren't the Results of All Questionnaires Available to Me Immediately?

For feedback to be meaningful, it is essential that results are collected from a large enough sample. Therefore, feedback on self-awareness questionnaires will only be available after at least 50 people (sometimes a little more) have filled out the particular questionnaire. In fact, your individualised feedback will become increasingly relevant the more people respond to the questionnaire. When results are available for around 1000 people, you will be able to compare yourself to more specific reference groups.

In Other Words, if I Responded to a Questionnaire When There Were Only a Small Number of Respondents, I've Missed Out?

Absolutely not. Your personalised feedback continues to be updated with the increasing sample, so in reality, you miss out on nothing.

Can I Put My Own Questionnaire on Psych-it?

To ensure that a significant number of people respond to our questionnaires, we limit the Psych-it project to using a certain number of questionnaires each year. Therefore, requests will be considered on a case by case basis, and we cannot respond to all requests. Priority will generally be given to research conducted by academic researchers and Doctoral candidates.

Can I Use Data From Psych-it Elsewhere?

The owners of Psych-it have exclusive rights over the data that appears on the website. The data is permitted for private (non-commercial) use only as long as it is acknowledged. For use outside of these parameters, you will require the explicit authorisation of the site owners. Please consult our Terms and Conditions for information. If you wish to find out more about the questionnaires available on Psych-it, you may use the references given with the feedback to each questionnaire to locate them.

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