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How self-aware are you? What is "self-awareness"? "
There is no conensus on how to define self awareness. According to Wikipedia, Self-Awareness "can be defined as the ability to perceive and understand one's existence or existential being, including personal characteristics, emotions, and behaviour. From an epistemological viewpoint, self-awareness is the subjective understanding of the essence of identity".

Promoting self-awareness through the completion of Free Personality Tests and other Psychological Questionnaires and the provision of immediate feedback is one of the key objectives of Psych-it. Through filling out these questionnaires, you will enhance awareness of your personality characteristics, emotions, and behaviour. Importantly, and unique to Psych-it, you will see where you stand in comparison to others in your own society. Oh, and in case you're still in doubt...all this stuff is free. Click on any of the categories below to see which psychological tests are currently offered.

Love, and Romantic Relationships

This section contains relationship and love tests dealing with the ways in which people perceive different aspects of love and romantic partnerships. Currently available are relationship questionnaires dealing with romance, love styles, beliefs and attitudes regarding romantic relationships, and more.


The 'Personality' section is devoted to questionnaires dealing with...personality! At present, we have questionnaires that look into such things as your values, self-esteem, and more.


While we hold a range of beliefs about various issues, we may not always be able to comfortably express our beliefs and we may not even be aware of what some of them might be. This section will enable you to explore some of your beliefs. Currently, there are questionnaires featuring beliefs about drug addicts, human nature, and more.


Whether we like it or not, we are all part of a family system in one way or another. We were all children once, and most of us are, or will be, parents one day. This section comprises of questionnaires that look into perceptions of our family unit. The first questionnare focuses on our perceptions of the bond we have with our parents.


In this section, we include questionnaires dealing with people's attitudes regarding a variety of issues. To introduce this section, we have included questionnaires on topics that most people find interesting...Attitudes towards sexual issues and towards money!


In this section, we include questionnaires that examine your wellbeing. How depressed are you? What are your current levels of anxiety? How stressed out are you? After taking these questionnaires you will be able to find out more about your current state of mind.


This section looks at how people behave in various situations. Our first questionnaire explores how we behave with respect to performing household chores!

Cognitive Ability

The long-awaited section on cognitive ability is finally launched!
In this section you will be able to check where you stand in relation to other people in respect to various abilities. Our first questionnaires allow you to examine your numerical abilities, as well as your general knowledge!

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